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The Recycling Center is now accepting newspaper and cardboard



  The Landfill is now operating on Summer Hours.  Saturdays from 9 am-5 pm and Wednesdays from 5 pm-7 pm


                                       TREE TRIMMING


            The City of Elk Point will be doing the annual tree trimming around power lines and streets and alleys.

            It is the City’s policy to substantially cut trees back from power lines and from the travel portions of the roadways so that it will not be necessary to do that work again in the near future.  Annual trimming at the same locations would not be cost effective.  If nearby property owners do not wish to have the area trimmed back substantially by the City, they should keep the trees and brushes trimmed back annually. This includes alleys.

            The City may defray the cost of the work, including administrative costs, by special assessment against the property as set out in Section 6.0505. All trees trimmed to allow for 10 feet of clearance on sidewalks and 14 feet over City Streets.

            For more information please contact:

            Elk Point Public Works Department at 356-3162 or the Elk Point Police Department at 356-2184.



                           City Information Channel

We now have a City information channel on our local Vast Cable TV network.  Tune in to channel 98 for updates on events and pertinent city announcements.  Snow removal alerts, planned power outages and other important announcements will be placed on this channel.  This channel also has the capability of broadcasting video feeds.  This is another form of communication we want to share with our residents.  Stay tuned! 


        Reminder:  Dog licenses are available at City Hall and must be renewed annually.  Please bring in shot records.  



                                                          Dog License Application


   January 2016 Calendar


          2015 Elk Point Housing Study 


                        Community Assessment 2014


                               City Newsletter


2014 Drinking Water Report


Link for The Pointe Golf & Event Center 


Our Public Works Director would like to

                   remind our citizens to keep their weeds trimmed.

 Also, the trees must not hang below 10 ft over a        

                   sidewalk or below 14 ft over the streets. 


                      Draft Comprehensive Plan 2035




  The City of Elk Point wishes to remind  you that sidewalks are to be cleared of snow and ice within twenty-four (24) hours after any snowfall or freezing rain.  If snow and ice is not removed within this period, the City may do so by other means and charge the cost of removal to the property owner. Please be courteous to others and remove snow and ice promptly. The City would also like to remind you that if a snow removal alert (accumulation of 2 inches or more) is declared, please remove vehicles off the streets until the snow removal equipment is no longer operating in that area, after which normal parking may be resumed until the next declared snow removal alert. Vehicles violating this ordinance will be towed at the owner’s expense and cited. A copy of the ordinance is available on the City’s website. 

           Snow & Ice Removal

         Parking During Snow Removal

           Ticketing & Towing Vehicles


                          If you have any questions, you                          may contact the Police Department

    at 356-2184.






  City Ordinance 367 Letter from Police Chief Ryan Fleek 


City Ordinance 367 "An Ordinance of the City of Elk Point, SD, amending the City of Elk Point Zoning Ordinance, Section 11.04, Off-Street Parking 



Transient Vendors:  

Get the Facts Before you Buy




    Right Tools     Transient Poster  


The Best Towns in South Dakota for Young Families

 Elk Point #3

 The following factors were considered:


                  1. Public school rating

                  2.  Median home value

                  3.  Ongoing cost of                                  homeownership

                  4.  Median income

                  5.  Economic growth


To learn more about how these towns made the list, check out the link below:


 Mosquito Breeding Site Flyer


 Subject: Tax Credits are back for Energy Efficiency Improvements

 The Government Giveth and taketh away, AND giveth back again. 


It has been brought to our attention ( by our next CSI star Mark Neu) that buried in the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, passed by the last Congress at their New Year’s Eve session, was a provision to renew for 2013 the energy efficiency tax credits that had expired the end of 2011  and, to make them retroactive. 

This means that there is a federal income tax credit of up to $500 for qualifying building envelop improvements and  qualifying heating, cooling and water heating equipment, including air to air heat pumps, insulation, and windows  purchase in 2012 or 2013.  The credits are for residential property and there are a number of limitations on the eligible equipment and products.

Check out this link for more details;

Since the credits had expired for 2012 and are now being made available retroactively you may want to notify members who installed qualified air to air heat pumps last year of the renewed availability of the credit.

The 30% federal income tax credit for renewable energy systems such as geothermal heat pumps and wind systems did/has not changed and is available for installations thru 2016.

If you have any questions please contact me.


Tom Holt

Mgr. Member Services and Marketing
East River Electric Power Cooperative
PO Box 227, Madison, SD 57042
dd 605.256.8013



Open every Monday & Thursday

 5:00pm to 7:00pm




In an effort to reduce costs paid for tipping fees and to protect the environment the City would like to encourage everyone to recycle. The City built a shed for materials to be dropped off at no charge. You may dispose of plastics, newspaper, cardboard (corrugated/lightweight press board) and aluminum and tin cans. Please make sure to  clean out plastics and tin cans.  Labels do not have to be removed. Waste does need to be sorted. Glass is not accepted.