Housing and Redevelopment Commission


Rental applications and additional information may be obtained by calling Eagle Estates Property Manager

Steve Taylor at 1-605-659-5901 or lloist@iw.net 


New Rates as of March 1, 2015 


2-Bed/ 1-Car:  $775.00

2-Bed/ 2-Car:  $865.00

3 Bed/ 2-Car:  $940.00 


 Pamphlet Information




              BACK PATIO


                      FRONT DOOR                                                                        LIVING ROOM                                                            KITCHEN




             CLOSETS                                             GARAGE                           GARAGE DOOR & FRONT DOOR


                                        MASTER BEDROOM                                                   MASTER BATHROOM


            HALLWAY                     HALLWAY CLOSET       WASHER & DRYER CLOSET



               BEDROOM                                MASTER BATHROOM         SHOWER IN MAIN BATHROOM